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Arb Chloរng Cheat
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Arb Chlorng Cheat

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กระสือลำซิ่ง, Music and Krasue (2022),​Arb Chlorng Cheat
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Synopsis Arb Chlorng Cheat

Nina (Cheer-Tikamporn), the number one singer of the Charat Rak camp She often had nightmares, seeing herself as a Krasue ghost since Preaw (Focus), a girl friend and personal manager Sai Mutelu told about Krasue. causing Nina who never believed in ghosts I started to fear that I had this kind of dream every time.

Nina has another competitor in her career. Pafun (Namwan-Kannaporn), the second number singer of the camp who keeps pushing Nina to fall every time she meets an opportunity on the side of Kan (Indy-Intouch), a young student outside Beloved son of Charan (Pa Kik Kiat), the owner of the Charat Rak Camp Understand that Nina is Charan’s aunt. So I don’t like Nina. Moreover, there is also a dream that encourages causing the two to become rivals

Nina was so popular that she couldn’t hold back from the promotional clip where Kan was forced to help promote the camp’s singers, causing Bank (Sun-Prakach), the owner of the energy drink “Mahimsa”, to choose Nina as a presenter. couple with him makes the dream very painful Take Dream plans to shoot a clip to set up a scene that Nina and Charan have an affair. Makes Nina tired and wants to hang up the mic. Charan then asked Nina to sing at the merit event of Nong Krasue Village to avoid the social trend for a while. At Nok Krasue Village, Krasue, Yai Chan (Aew-Ampha) is rampaging. Until the villagers voted that they should organize an event to clean up the bad luck for the village. Uan (Koh Tee), Pong (King before afternoon), Joy (Oscar), a child in the love circle who returned to visit his hometown, therefore brought the love band to play at Wat Nong Kra Sue itself.

Krasue Yai Chan knows Nina’s identity that in the past she was “Pranom” the first Krasue and was the one who passed Krasue to her. Grandma Chan tried to spit the Krachua back to Nina. But this Nina is not like the past. So she doesn’t want to hurt good people. But with some accident making Nina become a new rabbit Charan allowed Nina to take a break from work to recover. Nina was suddenly introverted with fear. I myself became a rabbit. But then there is a reason that Kan knows her secret. and with the good deeds that we have done Cain and Nina who don’t like each other. must help each other Because Kan can help Nina not turn into a Krasue at midnight.

Kan is happy to help Nina. without Nina knowing that This is a golden opportunity for Kan to secretly film Nina. To make his path as a director of a successful ghost movie. While Nina begins to complicate that she will not transform. Therefore began to return to normal life and began to accept singing jobs as before But then something unexpected happened, despite Nina sleeping holding hands with Kan every night. But instead there are rumors that There was a flutter across the city. and bodily harm others Nina and Kan look at each other and wonder. Since Nina had not transformed into a rabbit It means that the Krasue is not the only one. When another person cannot become a Krasue as well Nina and Kan set out to find out who really was the stingray and hurting others. and find a way to end the legend of the Krasue together….

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