Summer 2021

Akea Khum Proleung

Akea Khum Proleong [32 END]

32 episodes · TV Completed 대박부동산, Sell Your Haunted House (2021), Akea Khum Proleong

Gia, a woman who inherited her mother’s exorcism abilities, owns Daebak Realty, a company that specializes in selling haunted houses. Gia is perfect and smart too. But her hot temper causes her fists to fly before her eyes. One day, Gia meets a con man named In Bum who specializes in exorcism. make an offer He advises them to work together only to sell a house that is haunted by vengeful spirits and ghosts. Will the two get along and cope with their homes, ghosts and tragedy?

Bondassa Sdach Beysach

Bondassa Sdach Beysach

SBS, Viki, ViuTV
32 episodes · TV Completed 홍천기, Lovers of the Red Sky, Bondassa Sdach Beysach

during the Joseon Dynasty A young woman named Hong Choon Ki is a painter. which is extremely rare in Korea’s Joseon. Confucian values suggest that such pursuits are unsuitable for women. she was born blind but can perceive vision She is now accepted into the most prestigious art college in the land.

One day she meets Ha Ram, an astrologer who has the opposite destiny. Even though he was born with eyesight But he lost his sight in a childhood accident. regardless He also has an amazing talent that allows him to read the future by tracking the movements of the night sky. even if he is blind

Both were drawn into the cunning of the royal court. especially concerning the Second Prince. the freedom-loving Prince Yang Myung and the cunning, cunning Prince Ju Hyang, a man who aspires to become the next Joseon king.

Chok Chita Kon Phlous

Chok Chita Kon Phlous

GMM one
28 episodes · TV Completed Chok Chita Kon Phlous,ជោគជតាកូនភ្លោះ

A story of two brothers who were separated due for some reason. They grew up with different social statuses. Chok had an unlucky life as he grew up until he found luck and searched for his father. Meanwhile, his brother, Chaiphat has led a good life. They both fell in love with Wasee that caused a quarrel between them.

Will they know that they’re brothers?

Doom at Your Service

Doom at Your Service

tvN, ViuTV
16 episodes · TV Completed Doom at Your Service, One Day Destruction Came Through My Front Door , One Day Destruction Came To Our Door , Destruction , Ruin , Eoneu Nal Uli Jib Hyeongwaneulo Myeolmangi Deuleowassda , 어느 날 우리 집 현관으로 멸망이 들어왔다 , 멸망 , Myeol Mang

Tak Dong Kyung has been working hard ever since her parents passed away. Her life seemed more stable after working as a web novel editor for 6 years, but then she gets diagnosed with glioblastoma (brain cancer). She blames her unlucky life and wishes to curse everything to disappear, which unintentionally calls Myeol Mang, Doom himself – neither human nor god – to appear.

Myeol Mang says that he can grant Dong Kyung’s wishes. As her last hope, she makes a contract with Myeol Mang for a hundred days to live how she wants, risking her everything.
First of all before critiquing ” Doom At Your Service”( ” DAYS”) , let’s address the biggest controversy surrounding the mixed-criticism by viewers . There is the vocal contingency of devoted watchers who loved the series , and then the critics who argue that the storyline was a complete ” waste of time”. However, this leaves newcomers on one hanging question; is the show actually worth watching?

Let’s start on an issue which both defenders and critics of the show seem to agree upon ; the casting. Let’s be honest. If you’re a diehard K-drama fan, it’s likely that your immediate attraction to this drama happened to be A-listers Park-Bo Young, Seo In Guk and Lee-So Hyuk staring back at you through the screen. It’s undeniable that these big names don’t disappoint ; Bo Young flourished as our female lead Do In- Kyung, Seo In Guk offered a dynamic performance away from his typical boyish charm roles as Myul Mang, and Lee Soo Hyuk’s baritone-style voice was perfectly suited for delivering Cha Joo-Ik’s one-liners.( Even our supporting cast consisting of Kang Tae Oh [Lee Hyun Gyu],Shin Do Hyun [Na Ji Na],and Woo Hee Jin [Kang Soo Ja ] helped to add their own beguiling charms in the drama.)

So, why has an intriguing drama with a fairly star-studded cast, sparked so much mixed reception from watchers?Well, this problem ultimately boiled down to the screenwriting.

On an arguably positive note , ” Doom At Your Service” does certainly cast its net far by employing the common trope of ” misfortunes” to present Dong-Kyung as an “appealing female lead”;an orphan with a fractious younger brother , despising her job and casting ill-fortune upon the world when she finally gives up all hope with her terminal-illness. This leads her to her fated meeting ( literally) with “Doom” ( aka. Myul Mang) and soon peculiar romantic sparks flare from here.

However, it soon becomes apparent in the drama that screenwriter Im Me Ah Ri fell victim to using cliches as a pillar of support for the storyline, rather than an asset. Ultimately this stunted the plot and character growth due to the screenwriter’s lackadaisical investment in these key areas of the drama. (For example, Dong Kyung’s illness was only used as a necessity for “tension” rather than to solidify her sentience as an individual. The series could have explored so much here with her impending fate, but instead brushed this over in order to invest more time upon the “ puppy dog eyes” between Dong Kyung and Myul Mang.)

Similarly this is case and point with our male lead Myul Mang. In between his tedious monologues with “So Nyeo Shin” ( Jeong Ji So), our male lead undeniably was intriguing; a a powerful deity-like being who struggles to comprehend human emotions, however , this is where we hit the biggest rut with his character also; his sudden change of heart in regards to his involvement with Dong Kyung.

Some devoted watchers of the drama argued this was ” “beautiful” by the reversal of the male lead’s personality, whilst others just saw this as lazy screenwriting.For those unfamiliar with the plot ( and without decisive spoilers), Do-Kyung wants to make Myul Mang fall in love with her, Myul Mang toys with her affections by manipulating elements of her reality ( but soon comes round to ‘ feeling bad for her ’ after Nyeo Shin lends a hand), then Do-Kyung decides she is no longer interested in him, leading to a whole reversal of chasing after one another and repeat.

This isn’t to condemn the main pairing entirely. Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk had brilliant chemistry onscreen and there were certainly some fairly sweet moments between their characters .However their characters did sadly suffer as a consequence of this lacklustre character development which was particularly certified by the existence of the “contract”.

Now, without decisive spoilers , it is pivotal to say that this ” contract” played an important role in the exposition of the storyline . Yet whilst it was an intriguing premise, the ” rules” surrounding this contract were often ineffably upturned by the actions of Myul Mang. Whilst a later storyline revelation did offer an adequate explanation , this reduced the ” contract” to being nothing more than a plot MacGuffin; thrown in to add tension, but ultimately useless towards defining the lore of DAYS’ fictionalised world .

Of course, a storyline does not always have to contain a big battle with the ” big bad” or an internal conflict for the hero, however, this is also where dramatic irony became prominent with ” DAYS”. The evident ending goal of ” DAYS” ( without spoilers) surrounds the female lead making her final wish. Of course whilst this does become a major plot line throughout the drama, the series often dismissed this problem to play upon the separate idea of the ‘’ paring” of our main leads. ( Rather than interlinking the two more concisely.)

This isn’t to drag the entirety of the series down. There were certainly some enjoyable moments with Dong-Kyung’s brother Tak Seon Kyung ( Dawon), Dong Kyung’s doctor and client Jung Seung Jun ( Lee Seung Jun), the haughty teen writer ” Young Prince” ( Nam Da Reum), and the terminally-ill writer ‘’Dalgona’’ ( Oh Yeon Ah).

Even our second leads had some oddly sweet moments with tight-lipped Cha Joo Ik chasing the affections of our bubbly writer Na Ji Na. Until the love triangle with Ji Na’s former schoolmate Lee Hyun Gyu ( Kang Tae Oh)was introduced into the subplot .

This isn’t to say that their scenes were unwatchable . For the most part, these side characters had the potential to be very interesting. However, at times this made viewers fell as though they were watching very different storylines; a potentially intriguing modern fantasy drama, and then a cutesy slice of life romance show with a ” love triangle”. These two plot lines rarely collided and when this did occur, lacking screen-time undeniably made the subplot feel sporadic and disconnected from the main storyline .

However, it’s impossible not to talk about subplot characters without bringing up the problem of “So Nyeo Shin”. This character could have easily been one of the most intriguing elements to the drama . However, there were a couple of factors which let us down on this front; lacking character development and then the actress Jeong Ji So. Now, this isn’t to hate upon the actress. Respectfully, she has had a well-established career as a child actress and certainly does have charisma. On the other hand for this performance, Ji So was nearly literally reading her lines in monotone rather than adding something to her tone. Viewers should have felt as though they were watching a godlike being in a human guise , not just Ji So regurgitating her lines onscreen.

The finale of the drama could have admittedly gone down several routes ( and there was evident uncertainty over what would be the chosen ending) , however, the chosen ending wasn’t entirely bad per say, just lacklustre by failing to explain and wrap up some key story points.

So, is ” Doom At Your Service” actually worth watching? This entirely depends on what you’re looking for . If you’re a fond fan of a drama with cliche romances , aesthetic cinematography and arbitrary philosophy , then you’ll absolutely appreciate this drama . However, those looking for a well-rounded and profoundly plot-driven drama with intriguing characters , then ” Doom At Your Service” will certainly not fit the bill.

Kandul Pikheat

Kandul Pikheat

48 episodes · TV Completed 마우스, Mauseu, Mouse (2021), Kandul Pikheat, កណ្ដុរពិឃាត

A suspenseful story that asks the key question, “What if we could identify psychopaths in advance?” A crazed serial killer’s ruthless murders have left the entire nation gripped with fear, and chaos reigns. Justice-seeking rookie police officer, Jung Ba Reum, comes face to face with the killer. While he survives his dangerous encounter with the psychopath, Jung Ba Reum finds his life completely changing before his eyes.

Komnom Kon Plous

Komnom Kon Plous

Channel 7
40 episodes · TV Completed Komnom Kon Plous,គំនុំកូនភ្លោះ

The parents of Nueng and Song got divorced when they were little. The mother took the oldest twin, Nueng, while the father took the younger twin, Song. The twin had different personalities because of how they were raised, for Nueng, she had a poor lifestyle and was raised by her mother and stepfather. She is confident in herself, spoiled, and loves to have fun, especially with many men. As for Song, ever since her father died, she was raised by her aunt and uncle who gave her a good education and a loving home. Song is a gentle, innocent, and bright woman.

When Nueng got in trouble with At, who’s a police officer, he began to suspect her for many things. He got more suspicious when he saw that his brother’s fiancee, was the same woman he had met earlier, but what he didn’t know was that it wasn’t Nueng, it was Song… more confusion occurs when Nueng started to create more problems, but Song was the one being suspected and blamed for it by At.

Luoyang (2021)

Luoyang (2021)

39 episodes · TV Completed Wind from Luoyang , Feng Qi Luo Yang , 洛阳 , 風起洛陽 , 洛陽, Luoyang (2021)

Gao Bing Zhu is a notorious deputy marshal who sits on the bottom rung of society. Suspected of a crime, he must confirm his innocence. While investigating, he meets a young man named Baili Hong Yi, searching for the truth behind his father’s death. They team up to solve both mysteries.

A woman from a well-moneyed family with superior martial arts skills and intense survival instincts is on a mission of her own. She approaches Gao Bing Zhu to pry information out of him. Their annoying class differences create a mutual dislike for one another. Despite the tension, they soon find themselves joined at the hip. Their investigation unearths a shocking conspiracy. Once made public, it will likely destroy the entire city, leaving Luoyang with blood on his hands.

Panh Nher Ka-ek

Panh Nher Ka-ek [48 END]

GMM one
48 episodes · TV Completed กระเช้าสีดา Season 2, Krachao Seeda Season 2 (2021), Panh Nher Ka-ek

Channel One 31 joins forces with CHANGE 2018 to send a drama Reflecting the problems of family institutions, Rakrasida Sida, where people have both the dark side and the bright side, is the first orbit of the collaboration of the very talented heroines Nun-Woranuch and Green-Asadaporn, who turn their roles from the sweetest heroine to the worst woman. Terminal!

to scramble for Peter Corp Direndal, with Got-Jirayu as an important variable that caused many love affairs to come up… This work must be followed to see the love path of this story, what will be the solution? And who will find a conclusion? Life is worthless like a black basket without a price.

Sida basket drama It is considered a slash of the roles of the two heroines Nun-Woranut and Green-Asadaporn, who turn to play extreme evil to compete for Peter Corp. Direndal, with Got-Jirayu as a variable. important Along with many other talented actors such as Jeab-Kanchanaporn, Tu-Noppon, Claudia Chakraphan, An Wittaya, Nat Thewphaingarm, Kratip-Chawankon

Rum Nam’s ambition will bring their life, Rue Namping Amphon (Got-Jirayu), to a point that has never been before! Compare the life of Rana Nam. like a sida basket beautiful ivy on new tree It can grow even on the “wrecks” that used to be sheltered. while biting off the life force of others

Pjus Sneh Pjus Chivit

Pjus Sne Pjus Jivit

GMM one
42 episodes · TV Completed พายุทราย, Payu Sai (2021), Pjus Sneh Pjus Chivit

Naret, the second heir to the Phunara Golf Club, must urgently return to Thailand after his half-brother Narin disappears. He met Cy Brother’s Personal Assistant which is the first love that he will never forget Together they set out to solve his brother’s disappearance.