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Arb Chloរng Cheat

Arb Chlorng Cheat

Channel 8
63 episodes · TV Completed กระสือลำซิ่ง, Music and Krasue (2022),​Arb Chlorng Cheat

Nina (Cheer-Tikamporn), the number one singer of the Charat Rak camp She often had nightmares, seeing herself as a Krasue ghost since Preaw (Focus), a girl friend and personal manager Sai Mutelu told about Krasue. causing Nina who never believed in ghosts I started to fear that I had this kind of dream every time.

Nina has another competitor in her career. Pafun (Namwan-Kannaporn), the second number singer of the camp who keeps pushing Nina to fall every time she meets an opportunity on the side of Kan (Indy-Intouch), a young student outside Beloved son of Charan (Pa Kik Kiat), the owner of the Charat Rak Camp Understand that Nina is Charan’s aunt. So I don’t like Nina. Moreover, there is also a dream that encourages causing the two to become rivals

Nina was so popular that she couldn’t hold back from the promotional clip where Kan was forced to help promote the camp’s singers, causing Bank (Sun-Prakach), the owner of the energy drink “Mahimsa”, to choose Nina as a presenter. couple with him makes the dream very painful Take Dream plans to shoot a clip to set up a scene that Nina and Charan have an affair. Makes Nina tired and wants to hang up the mic. Charan then asked Nina to sing at the merit event of Nong Krasue Village to avoid the social trend for a while. At Nok Krasue Village, Krasue, Yai Chan (Aew-Ampha) is rampaging. Until the villagers voted that they should organize an event to clean up the bad luck for the village. Uan (Koh Tee), Pong (King before afternoon), Joy (Oscar), a child in the love circle who returned to visit his hometown, therefore brought the love band to play at Wat Nong Kra Sue itself.

Krasue Yai Chan knows Nina’s identity that in the past she was “Pranom” the first Krasue and was the one who passed Krasue to her. Grandma Chan tried to spit the Krachua back to Nina. But this Nina is not like the past. So she doesn’t want to hurt good people. But with some accident making Nina become a new rabbit Charan allowed Nina to take a break from work to recover. Nina was suddenly introverted with fear. I myself became a rabbit. But then there is a reason that Kan knows her secret. and with the good deeds that we have done Cain and Nina who don’t like each other. must help each other Because Kan can help Nina not turn into a Krasue at midnight.

Kan is happy to help Nina. without Nina knowing that This is a golden opportunity for Kan to secretly film Nina. To make his path as a director of a successful ghost movie. While Nina begins to complicate that she will not transform. Therefore began to return to normal life and began to accept singing jobs as before But then something unexpected happened, despite Nina sleeping holding hands with Kan every night. But instead there are rumors that There was a flutter across the city. and bodily harm others Nina and Kan look at each other and wonder. Since Nina had not transformed into a rabbit It means that the Krasue is not the only one. When another person cannot become a Krasue as well Nina and Kan set out to find out who really was the stingray and hurting others. and find a way to end the legend of the Krasue together….

Bomnol Sneh Anteak Jivit

Bomnol Sneh Anteak Jivit [36 END]

36 episodes · TV Completed 浮图缘, Unchained Love (2022), Bomnol Sneh Anteak Jivit

During the Longhua Eunuch Xiao Duo conspired with Fu Wang to help him sit on the throne, Bu Yin Lou was supposed to be buried with the late Emperor, but Xiao Duo saved her.

Bu Yinlou, maid of honor, was destined to be the emperor’s consort. because of her status She was supposed to follow him to death, but Xiao Duo saved her because she met Fu Wang’s eyes. She was then at Xiao’s mansion. And they grew closer as time passed. However, they could not reveal their feelings.

The road is full of obstacles… What will their fate be?

Bondasa Sneha Chlong Phob

Bondasa Sneha Chlong Phob

40 episodes · TV Completed 月歌行, Song of the Moon (2022), Bondasa Sneha Chlong Phob

Young Liu Shao met a mysterious man with whom she traded her future for three full days of happiness. Initially, she led the carefree life of a crown prince until she got involved in a battle between immortals and demons. Her involvement leads to unraveling a romantic entanglement between herself and the immortal Lu Li that is shrouded in mystery.

Bong Kung Khmum Tronum Nisai

Bong Kung Khmum Tronum Nisai [39 END]

Channel 7
39 episodes · TV Completed กรงน้ำผึ้ง, Sweet Prison (2022), Bong Kung Khmum Tronum Nisai

The duty is to imprison his heart, but you are the honey dripping. The clue to the death of the Zhang Clan Patriarch Causing further feuds in the family An adopted grandchild like ‘Chalumpon’ must find the truth. ready to protect ‘young madam’ who is honored as his grandmother But the more you search for the culprit The closer it gets, the more dangerous it gets. Including the story of the heart that formed ‘Forbidden love’ of grandchildren and grandmothers of different bloodlines!

Domnok Chheam NeaK Klahan

Damnok Chheam NeaK Klahan [50 End]

50 episodes · TV Completed 少年歌行, The Blood of Youth (2022), Domnok Chheam NeaK Klahan

As a disciple of the Lei Clan, Lei Wu Jie couldn’t wait to prove his worth as a hero. But as a beginner just entering the world of martial arts The path to becoming a true hero is the hardest. Undeterred by the challenges in front of him, Wu Jie traveled to the great city of Xue Yue, where his time there would surely mold him into the hero he aspired to be. Unfortunately, his trip to Xue Yue had an accident at the Villa of Fallen Snow.

as a villa owner Xiaoze has the appearance of a rich innkeeper. But he could hardly open a hotel. Xiao Se struggles with his business. Not so pleased when his establishment is devastated by the antics of the voracious young hero. demanded that he pay for the damage caused Wu Ji came up with the only way to please the disgruntled Xiao Xiao. That is, take him with you. when there is no other choice The two of them set off together, not knowing what fate awaited them.

Befriending many people along the way, including Wu Xin, Sikong Qian Luo, Tang Lian and Ye Ruo Yi, Xiao Se and Wu Jie find themselves embarked on adventures beyond their imagination. while facing countless dangers The group stumbles upon a clue that connects one of them to the battle for the throne that took place more than a decade ago. The question is, is this brave hero ready and willing to rightfully assume the leadership of the people? And how will the Brotherhood go from there?

Kheatakor Kompoul Sneh

Kheatakor Kompoul Sneh

Channel 3
43 episodes · TV Completed เพชฌฆาตจันทร์เจ้า,Moon Slayer, Kheatakor Kompoul Sneh, My Sweet Assassin

When Moon Bloody Moon, a cold-blooded assassin, had to escape death from the chase of the world, making her become Moon Chao, an amnesiac young girl who has a very different character from the original. And must take the form of a fake wife to Atirut, the benefactor who saved her life from fake love, becoming true love that must find a way to prove And you’re ready to trade it for blood and tears

Lbeng Sneh Pikheat

Lbaeng Sne Pikheat [36 End]

Channel 3
25 episodes · TV Completed พิศวาสฆาตเกมส์, The Deadly Affair (2022), Lbaeng Sne Pikheat

Jetiya’s fiancée was hit and run by Aphinan because of drunk driving. Apinans fel t guilty and accepte a 6 year prison sentences while his girl-friend Mink was pregnant. Three years later, he was released prematurely for good behavior. Only to learn that Mink executed her after a miscarriage. Jetiya was angry at the premature release and therefore managed to capture Aphinan and imprison him on the island for punishment. Aphinan goes wherever she takes him.

Phlerng Bondassa

Phlerng Bondassa

Channel 3
41 episodes · TV Completed สาปซ่อนรัก, Phlerng Bondassa, Retribution (2022)

A wealthy family believed to be cursed due to the mysterious deaths of all the males in the family. Only the woman was left alive.

This is a story about sweet and innocent love that grows in the midst of adversity. And how much more terrifying is the curse born of love, greed, anger, and delusion in the human heart than a mysterious curse?

Punleur Dara Nikor Sneh

Punleur Dara Nikor Sneh

31 episodes · TV Completed 星河长明, Shining Just for You (2022), Punleur Dara Nikor Sneh

Ye Ling Shuang was a young woman who could foresee great tragedies and disasters before they happened. Even though she has a pure heart But her gift has become a curse – and she has been taken by those who think she has brought bad luck. Only the young and beautiful princess showed her kindness. But the same princess was chosen in a fatal way by the cowardly Emperor Gao of the Chao Kingdom. She must marry him – or she will die. She refuses to surrender to him, which gives him the necessary excuse to attack her people.

Conflict arose, with Ye Ling Shuang being taken prisoner. But now she swears revenge on the emperor. and using her abilities to free her and promoted She soon discovered that she had caught the emperor’s eyes. But he’s not the only one who wants to win her heart: Wu Yu, a prince who survived from a clan wiped out by the emperor, but also loves Ye Ling Shuang, although he finds it difficult to show love. But he took action when he saw that the emperor fell in love with the woman he loved. Will love make the cruel emperor change his ways? Or was Ye Ling Shuang destined to be the counterpart to Archangel Wu Yu?

Samphos Sneh Kroav Kay

Samphos Sneh Kroav Kay [EP.12]

GMM one
30 episodes · TV Ongoing โฉมโฉด, Bad Beauty (2022), Samphos Sneh Kroav Kay

The happy life of Wanpichit (Son Yuk) with Ajaree (Green Asadaporn) and Nong Kwan (Nong Kwan Pawarisa), a cute little daughter. Begins to change when another person enters the family.
At the beginning of the arrival of Fah (Pim Pimprapha), a beautiful nanny. sent by the child care agency according to the wishes of the couple after having notified the intention in detail and selecting and selecting for a long time in order to get those who are truly worthy for entrusting her to take care of Nong Kwan the only daughter Victory Day with Master love more than heart first change Is the feeling of comfort when finding that Fah has all the qualifications of the person who will take care of Nong Gift. as you want Make Wan Pichit’s concern less until it feels good Upon finding out that the gift itself seemed to be happy with the new caretaker.
All day Conquer and Teacher Each had a career as a specialist in a large private hospital. but resigned and is in the process of opening a small clinic own Everything is a complete family life. Wanpichit is a good family head. Be a loving husband and faithful to his wife. and is also a father who loves his child with all his life, while Ajaree acts as a wife and mother until being a friend and partner in his career Wan Phichit has done well and fits perfectly in the family. There is also Aunt Nuan (Tuk Dueem), an old cook and housekeeper to help take care of.
If only you backed off You will lose everything you’ve ever had. This bet is equal to everything in her life. Ajarn must stay and must know that What is it all? Follow and watch the first episode together starting on May 14, every Saturday at 10:00 p.m. on Channel One 31.

Song Kream Than Tang 3

Song Kream Than Tang 3 [60 Episodes]

60 episodes · TV Completed 沉香重华, Immortal Samsara (2022), Song Kream Than Tang 3

Yan Dan and her twin sister Zhi Xi were the sole descendants of the ancient Four-Leaved Lotus clan. She and her twin sister Zhi Xi transformed into humans a century ago while attending the Queen’s banquet, but Yan Dan faces the greatest test of her life. That’s the test of love. Falling in love with Lord Ying Yuan results in her wasting the next 900 years trying to forget him. Paying this much!

At this time, Yu Mo, a supporter, entered her life. Encourage her to do good deeds every day. while punishing evil They meet Tang Zhou, Lord Ying Yuan’s present-day reincarnated demon hunter. They help Tang Zhou find the four relics and uncover even more mysterious secrets. Can the trio find the evidence they need despite the dangers?

Yan Dan regained her memory and discovered that Ying Yuan was the one who erased her memory and transformed her into a ”spirit” and sent her to the Human Realm. Lord Yingyuan, who transformed human into Tang Zhou to find out the mystery about The ”God-Evil War” only needed one more divine artifact to repair his Heavenly Vessel. so that he could return to the Kingdom of Heaven as Land God.

He will succeed in his mission and reveal it. ‘Anonymous’ supporting all evil acts? Will Ying Yuan and Yan Dan get back together? Even though there are misunderstandings and obstacles between the two?