Satrov Besdoung
Satrov Besdoung
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Satrov Besdoung

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Satrov Besdoung
Status: Completed Network: Studio: Released: Feb 08, 2024 Duration: 45 Min Season: Country: Type: TV Episodes: 54 Censor: Censored Casts: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Posted by: fanta drama Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Satrov Besdoung

Jett is a handsome man forced to become a hired gunman because of his dark past and problems. And one day, he is hired to kill a woman. It was suppose to be a simple job, however, it is complicated by the fact that his target, Sophita, is his ex-girlfriend’s sister. This leaves him with only two options. To either protect Sophita or to kill her. What will he choose?

Sopita had to take on the role of both elder and mother to take care of Sararin. strictly Because after their mother abandoned them both Sararin became a sad, miserable child who spoke only a few words until she had to communicate through letters. Until Sararin grew up to be a young woman. The power of love made Sararin willing to speak with more people. But Sopita hinders this love with all her might. Because her younger sister’s boyfriend is Chet (Mick Thongraya) who has just been released from prison in a murder case!!!

Chet, a former shooter with a bright future who was on the national team. But life must meet a big turning point. When a quarrel broke out with a fellow shooter. The other party was outnumbered and attacked him. Hot-blooded emotions combined with instincts cause Chet to use a gun to intimidate opponents. But that bullet hit the opposing party’s vital point. cause that party to die Chet was indicted on charges of manslaughter. The court sentenced him to 6 years imprisonment. After pleading guilty, his sentence was reduced in half to only 3 years imprisonment (according to Section 290)

when Chet was released from prison. He was betrayed by his father, who firmly believed in the family’s reputation. cut off from family And do not use your maiden name again. Chet was deeply saddened and turned to alcohol until she became intoxicated. Stumbling across the bridge And there he met Sararin. who was about to jump into the water to commit suicide Chet pretends to commit suicide along with Sararin. Because his life was too miserable to endure any longer. Sararin was fooled into forgetting about the suicide. Instead, he turned to comfort and encourage Chet. Love began to develop and develop without Chet having any idea that He loves Sararin with only one side!! Sararin kept the other man hidden from anyone. Even Sopita’s older sister

Sopita keeps her sister away from Chet. Looks down on all kinds of cynicism. and use business hypocrisy to bully Chet’s coffee shop business has lost customers. Chet clashed with Sopita many times. Until one day he was attacked by a group of thugs and left on the side of the road in a state of death. With a threat to break up with Sararin Even worse, he burned down Chet’s coffee shop until he was penniless. Chet is convinced that Sopita is behind this matter. But the truth is Sopita doesn’t agree at all. The person who sent the gangsters to beat up the spirit and burn down the coffee shop was Rawin (Big-Thongphum Siripipat), Sopita’s fiancée.

From enemy to heart
Rawin secretly falls in love with Sararin. until jealousy arises I don’t want Sararin to get her hopes up with Chet. When the spirit is blocked in every way until unable to contact Sararin Chet then broke into Atthamrong’s house. But instead, people in the house were found wearing black clothes in mourning. He tried calling the home number. The servant who answered the phone only said that Sararin was dead. She committed suicide!!!

Chet was shocked by the bad news he learned. He went to attend his girlfriend’s funeral. But he was chased away by Sopita like a pig and like a dog. Chet hates Sopita. And blamed it on her for creating pressure that Sararin couldn’t handle. and chose death as the solution while Sopita was sure that Chet is the cause of his sister’s death. Sararin committed suicide by taking sleeping pills. And what made Sopita stunned was Younger sister bleeds and develops infection after abortion Sopita keeps her pregnancy a secret. Because he was afraid that his father would not be able to bear this heartbreak. And when the more I read Sararin’s diary His anger and hatred for Chet increased a hundredfold.

The notebook is the key to discovering who? Who is Sararin’s mystery lover? is the father of the unborn child The contents of the diary raised many doubts. Sararin wrote the story of a man on almost every page without specifying his name. Unfortunately, Sopita could only read a few pages of Sararin’s pain-filled book. Sopita was sure that the man Sararin wrote about was Chet. Sopita is always confident that She doesn’t look at people wrongly. But the human heart is truly difficult to fathom. People you trust may be close to you. That Sopita didn’t expect!!!

The beginning of the search for truth, deception and betrayal. It begins when Sopita accidentally overhears a plan to smuggle illegal wood from Kreetha (Pete Thongchua), a partner at Anthamrong Company. and is a close friend of her father Sopita took this matter to her fiancé Rawin. to ask for advice Rawin forbids Sopita from reporting to the police. You should find evidence to bind the athlete so that he can’t move. Because they fear that Athletics may have the backing of an influential group. Sopita followed along, not knowing that Rawin was part of Kreetha’s illegal lumber movement….a loved one. It’s the person who betrayed me!!!

When Athletics realized that she had overheard his evil plan. Athletics therefore thought of getting rid of her as quickly as possible. A series of gunmen were hired, and the gunman who took on the job of killing Sopita was Chet, who was hit by the storms of life until he traveled to a dead end. He decided to accept this job. On the day of the targeting, the young man was shocked when he saw it. that his victim was Sopita A cold-blooded woman who ruined his life and those he loved.

From enemy to heart
The murder date was set as soon as Chet accepted the job. That day, Rawin took Sopita to eat at the hotel. Not knowing that Chet was watching him all the time. The young gunman waited alone for Sopita’s moment. He caught her easily. Because she was in a state of discomfort, she had no strength. The moment when Chet put a gun to her head to extinguish Sopita’s life. The young woman didn’t even beg for her life. He also scolded Chet for being an evil person who destroyed his own inner child. causing Sararin to commit suicide Chet was stunned by what he heard. How could Sararin have a child with him when he had never had a deep relationship with Sararin? Chet changes his mind about not killing Sopita. To find out all the truth

Chet takes Sopita and locks her up in the apartment of Supong (Don-Kanin Patmanan), a close friend. People who really hate each other end up living together in a small apartment, Sopita thinks. that Chet kidnapped her because of personal grudges Chet didn’t make any defense, while Chet accused her of setting fire to his coffee shop. Sopita denies all accusations. But Chet didn’t believe it. While being imprisoned until the end of freedom The girl is always looking for a way to escape. But Chet knows every time. A war of words between the two people happens often without anyone giving in.

Many times, Chet wanted to stop dealing with this matter. Then leave her to her fate But when he thought of Sararin, he couldn’t help it. At the same time, he didn’t know who Sophita’s enemy was. And now Sopita isn’t the only one in danger. Chet also had his own life hanging in the balance. If the gunmen knew he saved the victims’ lives. There must have been a manhunt to kill him. Chet then agreed to tell the truth that he had not captured Sopita to settle a personal grudge. But there was someone who hired her to kill her. Sopita is sure that the person behind it all is Athletics. She sees Chet in a better light and doesn’t think about running away again.

Phokin is heartbroken over the disappearance of his eldest daughter. Even with a new wife like Supattra (Pim-Pimphan Chalayakupt) waiting by his side. But stress causes an unhealthy body to deteriorate. Rawin volunteered to help take care of the work at Anthamrong Woodland. causing Rawin to meet Supattra more frequently Even though Subhadra is Sopita’s stepmother And soon Rawin will be her son-in-law. But he felt uncomfortable being near this elderly woman. There was something in Supattra’s eyes and expression that said she didn’t view Rawin as just a potential son-in-law. But it’s deeper than that!!!

Chet sets up a scene to make Kreetha believe that Sopita is dead. At the same time, he continued with his plan by sending Sopita home. By allowing Sopita to call her fiancée But Chet hadn’t yet had time to take her to the appointment point. A group of armed men broke into the apartment. The two had to temporarily escape to Chet’s friend’s garden house in Ayutthaya. Chet was even more confident that Rawin knew. Because a group of armed men invaded the condo shortly after Sopita sent the news to her fiancée.

But Sopita refused to believe it. He also scolded Chet for killing his child. Chet found out the truth from evidence from restaurant business cards. which is the meeting place of Sararin and the mysterious man. Until it was discovered who the father of the unborn child was? Together they solve the mystery of Sararin’s death. And how can one travel from the enemy to the heart? From the enemy to the heart?

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