Bad Beauty (2022) Khmer Dub

Samphos Sneh Kroav Kay

Samphos Sneh Kroav Kay [EP.12]

โฉมโฉด, Bad Beauty (2022), Samphos Sneh Kroav Kay
Rating 8.7
The happy life of Wanpichit (Son Yuk) with Ajaree (Green Asadaporn) and Nong Kwan (Nong Kwan Pawarisa), a cute little daughter. Begins to change when another person enters the family. At the beginning of the arrival of Fah (Pim Pimprapha), a beautiful nanny. sent by the child care agency according to the wishes of the couple after having notified the intention in detail and selecting and selecting for a long time in order to get those who are truly worthy for entrusting her to take care of Nong Kwan the only daughter Victory Day with Master love more than heart first change Is the feeling of comfort when finding that Fah has all the qualifications of the person who will take care of Nong Gift. as you want Make Wan Pichit's concern less until it feels good Upon finding out that the gift itself seemed to be happy with the new caretaker. All day Conquer and Teacher Each had a career as a specialist in a large private hospital. but resigned and is in the process of opening a small clinic own Everything is a complete family life. Wanpichit is a good family head. Be a loving husband and faithful to his wife. and is also a father who loves his child with all his life, while Ajaree acts as a wife and mother until being a friend and partner in his career Wan Phichit has done well and fits perfectly in the family. There is also Aunt Nuan (Tuk Dueem), an old cook and housekeeper to help take care of. If only you backed off You will lose everything you've ever had. This bet is equal to everything in her life. Ajarn must stay and must know that What is it all? Follow and watch the first episode together starting on May 14, every Saturday at 10:00 p.m. on Channel One 31.


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